Tangier will host 2014 World Maritime Day Parallel Event

Marine Marchande

World Maritime Day was established in 2005 by a UN resolution on a recommendation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This celebration is to show the challenges and importance of maritime issues in the management of the global economy.


The side event is an annual event held in conjunction with the World Maritime Day, and takes the form of lectures and workshops that revolve around the theme of World Maritime Day that is celebrated this year under the theme "IMO Conventions: Effective Application".

Several countries get into competition to host the event, which took place during the last five years in the United States, Italy, Argentina, Bahrain and Peru. 

Morocco is to host the side event which will be celebrated in Tangiers from 27 to  29 of October 2014.

This event will also be marked by the presentation of the heritage and the maritime potential of Morocco.  It will also be an opportunity to introduce participants to the maritime and port facilities in the Tangier region located at the point between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea and on the Strait of Gibraltar.

Challenges for Morocco:

This event will be an opportunity for the Kingdom of Morocco to:

  • send a message to the international maritime community, about an actively growing Maritime Morocco, concerned for the enforcement of maritime regulations adopted by the IMO;
  • enforce the possible role of Morocco in the field of the regional and international cooperation to promote the ideals of the IMO;
  • remind the national and international public opinion the importance of the maritime sector as a strategic vehicle for the socio-economic development of Morocco;
  • promote strategies and actionable plans in the various branches of national maritime activities to the investors and the maritime industry worldwide ;
  • defend the position of a Morocco that can serve as a platform to relay maritime operators to different continents
  • provide a meeting place for the benefit of national public and private operators to seal partnerships with their foreign counterparts on core projects;
  • learn from the experiences and knowledge that will be exhibited, exchanged and discussed during this event

Main themes

  • Missions to the International Maritime Organisation
  •  Main groups of IMO Conventions
  •  Effective implementation of IMO Conventions
  •  Economic promotion of maritime and port sectors
  •  Investment and partnership opportunities
  •  International Development of shipping & maritime services …


 Regional and international Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations:

  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) (General Secretary, Chairman, Committee Chairmen, Directors, etc ...)
  • International Compensation Fund (IOPC)
  • International Satellite Telecommunications Organization (ISTO)
  • Union for the Mediterranean (UFM)
  • Arab States League
  • European Commission(EC)
  • Mediterranean Regional Centre for Emergency Response Against Marine Pollution (MRCERAMP) ..

Moroccan Institutionals:

  • Ministry of Works, Transport and Logistics;
  • Department of Marine Fisheries;
  • Ministry Delegate for the Environment;
  • National Ports Agency (NPA)
  • Tanger-Med Port Authority (TMPA)
  • Port of Nador West Med….

Visit the web site: http://www.worldmaritimedaymorocco.com/fr