Mohamed RAFOUK president of AMPA sends a letter to African pilots

Marine Marchande

First of all, I wish you happy New Year 2021, with health and lot of success in your career.

After a challenging 2020, marked by the pandemic; I know that all African pilots are still since last January in the front line of those exposed to Covid19. We’re overcoming difficulties and are keen to keep national trade and generally the global one running.

By the end of this 2020, I pay tribute to your exceptional commitment to serve safe flows of medicines foods and goods in your respective countries during the full lock down.

It is not a coincidence, that the IMO, recognized seafarers as key workers in this terrible circumstance.

We are happy that no Pilot loss have been reported due to Covid19, nor any port pilotage public service suspended due to the pandemic. Thanks to all pilots, who have maintained high level of awareness, safety barriers and are still so far doing so, in order to preserve the economic interests of their countries, their ports and their communities.

As you well know, most of international events have been postponed, as well as IMPA congress. Ref. IMPA notice No 949.

For the same reasons the ACMP2021 scheduled to be held in Côte d’Ivoire, will also be postponed to 2022. We will come with more details during next months.

We will take actions that will enable us well preparing properly this important event and finding out sponsors after hard times affecting the maritime industry in our Continent and global trade.

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